Feedback from some of my customers


Robert - Cambridge

“I am so grateful to Shohreh, she has helped me considerably.

It has been a rough few years both physically and emotionally but every symptom has been dealt with as it has presented itself, with kindness, empathy, sensitivity and skill.

Shohreh’s understated confidence and professional approach to me, means that I am very comfortable to discuss my health issues with her.

Homeopathy is amazing in the right hands and as a result of Shohreh’s treatment, I am moving forward into far greater and more positive areas of my life on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

I have the greatest respect for her as a person and a professional and would not hesitate to recommend her to others”.


Charly - Cambridge

“I decided to see Shohreh because of frequent migraines that I had been suffering from for a number of years, which conventional medicines had failed to treat.During our appointments I found Shohreh to be both professional and supportive in her approach and it was very easy to talk to her openly and in depth about a number of factors that could be related to my migraines.

I feel that Shohreh was very thorough in her practice and took a lot of time and care into deciding which remedies would be best suited for me.I found the remedies to be very effective and within weeks of taking them, my migraines had become a lot less frequent and severe.On top of my physical pain improving I have also found that my mental well-being has greatly improved.

I will continue to see Shohreh for ongoing support and would highly recommend her to others.”


Alessia - Cambridge

“I started my treatment with Shohreh during a dark time where I was suffering with anxiety and very low self-esteem.Shohreh is kind and very professional, she listens and gives you the best cure taking into consideration all aspects of your life.

I am forever grateful to her as her treatments have completely changed me.I now feel calmer, more positive and more confident.”


Beverley - Cambridge

“I approached homeopathy apprehensively as I have several chronic illnesses and take multiple medications that have side effects which often leave me unwell or with other symptoms.

I couldn’t see how a natural way of treatment could help me.

Shohreh was very patient with me and listened extensively to the multiple symptoms that I have. Because homeopathy looks at the person as a whole rather than each individual diagnosis, I found Shohreh’s insight enlightening and her distinct approach to wellness rather than reaction to illness helped me to avoid hospital stays and feel more vitalised.

I also saw Shohreh for my son when he was having joint pain that doctors couldn’t find a cause for, he was very frustrated at being told it was psychological when he was in actual physical pain. He could hardly walk at times and had stopped all extra-curricular sport.

He found Shohreh very kind and she took her time to go through each symptom with him. His remedies have helped him to build strength and vitality and he is back playing football!

I have found my experience with Shohreh to be professional, confidential and enlightening. It also empowers me to make wellness a priority for the whole family. Highly recommend!”


Natalie. A - Cambridge

I sought help from Shohreh for both me & my son. There were a few issues including anxiety, insomnia and grief. Shohreh was always kind in our interactions and made us feel comfortable & safe in all our appointments. She was incredibly compassionate to the difficulties we were experiencing and helped us so much with working through and resolving issues. I would highly recommend using Bliss Homeopathy.
Natalie A.


Clare. S - Mildenhall

“Shohreh is professional, insightful and compassionate and treated me holistically with surprising results! I feel like I’m finally returning after being lost for so long. Those sceptics need to try homeopathy, it works!”
☺️ x


Sam, Longstanton

Shohreh was just the most lovely, approachable and kind soul. She listened to me and supported me wholeheartedly through my appointment with her. I can't thank her enough for her advice, guidance and treatment. I am very grateful for how much Shohreh helped me through a very difficult time in my life. I left my appointment feeling empowered and ready to take back the control in my life. The Homepathic treatment really helped me work through my stress and anxiety and really did give me a new lease of confidence for life and the ability to make a difficult and informed life changing decision.

I will be forever grateful. Thank you.


E. Paskova - Cambridge

We have had Shohreh as our Homeopath since 2021/22 and she has treated both of my girls. They both had skin issues, such as eczema. Shohreh was able to thoroughly diagnose and solve the issue. We have been so happy with the results and both of my girls are cleared from any skin problems, deficiencies have gone away and health has restored back.

Thank you so much and we will have Shohreh as our Homeopath for as long as we can.