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About me

About me

Shohreh Sharifi

My own journey with Homeopathy started 25 years ago as I was recovering from a series of personal difficulties and emotional challenges. As a young person I had always been interested in emotional healing from a holistic standpoint which I believed should bring an integration of the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing into balance, and that the imbalance is the body and mind giving us an indication that we are out of alignment and that healing needs to take place.

I stumbled across a leaflet in my local health food shop which then led me to make my first appointment for a Homeopathic consultation.

After my first consultation and started taking remedies, I had no idea that this would be the beginning of a life-long companion and system of health and wellbeing for me and those around me.

Homeopathy has seen me through personal development to manage my own anxiety and depression then leading to 2 healthy pregnancies, post pregnancy and support for both my children in all their childhood illnesses, growth and developing child behaviour.

I am a qualified Homeopath through the Centre of Homeopathic Education (CHE) in London and specialise in working with emotional and mental well-being and recovery from trauma but also work with a variety of health issues.

I will actively work with you to find the most suitable remedies to best match the cause of your problems.

Your remedies are individualised to you and your needs.

What I can help you with


Anxiety & Depression

Allergies & hayfever

Acne, Eczema & other skin conditions

Baby & child health - childhood illness

Children’s behaviour

Exhaustion, fatigue & burn out

Gut & Bowel health


Knee, back and spinal problems

Musculoskeletal complaints

Migraine headache

Pregnancy well-being, Post Natal Depression, PMT symptoms - femenine care

Sports injuries


Many more services covered - please contact me to see how I can help

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A. Siddique - Cambridge

"I've had a few session with Shohreh over the past 9 months. Shohreh is a very attentive, understanding and empathetic practitioner. The prescribed remedies worked subtly which was brilliant as I didn't want a lot of disruption with my daily life. The remedies have helped me to become more introspective, confident and calmer.

I would highly recomment Shohreh as a homeopathic practitioner"